About Paul

HighSt1Paul Scully MP was elected as the Member of Parliament for Sutton & Cheam in May 2015. Having run his own business for the best part of twenty years he has taken a keen interest in helping to shape the local economy. As a long time Sutton resident, he has seen many changes on Sutton High Street, some for the better, but some for the worse. Sutton town centre cannot stand still. We cannot preserve it in aspic or try to return it to a bygone era. With a £1.5bn shopping centre due to open in Croydon in 3 years time and Kingston looking to improve their retail, Paul believes that we need to take a strategic view on how we want Sutton to look in the long term rather than wait for developers to come in and shape it for us. In doing so, he is keen to get as many residents involved as possible.

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